Puro Titanium & Voc Free

Silicate-based, breathable paint for interiors

Puro_titanium & VOC Free is a water-based matt mineral paint for interiors, formulated with polysilicate of potassium, odorless and without volatile organic compounds (VOC) and Formaldehyde.Puro_titanium & VOC Free sensitively reduces the formaldehyde concentration in the surrounding environment, as tested per the specific law ISO 16000-23.
Puro_titanium & VOC Free represents the expression of Novacolor Green Approach. To reduce the carbon footprint, it is formulated with a special binder. Based on a mass balance approach, fossil raw materials in production are replaced with sustainable biomass.
It contains an innovative mix of mineral charges that guarantee hiding without the use of Titanium dioxide.Its innovative formulation makes Puro_titanium & VOC Free suitable to application on each kind of walls or synthetic paints. The high breathability and alkaline nature help to preserve the substrate from mold development.

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